Spring has Sprung!

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Here in Boston Spring has arrived (and we hope it stays!).  A couple of things: first, a lot of new fabric has come in, so stop by to see what's new.  So much has come in, in fact, that I haven't caught up in inventorying it all, so if you see something online you like, don't give up hope if it seems out of stock, it might not be: email me and I'll check: natalie@mercersfabric.com.  Second, as you read this I am wrapping up a two week trip to one of the heartlands of superb fabric, ITALY!  Check my Instagram for photos of the tour: https://www.instagram.com/mercersfabric/ !  I'll be back right after Easter, and lessons etc. will resume then.


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To celebrate our anniversary and Valentine's Day, of course a sale! Stop on by and treat yourself to 40% off fabric! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤This sale is online as well! Just enter the code "TREATYOURSELF" at checkout and the fabric will come straight to your door! Very happy Valentine's Day to you all!  Sale ends Saturday February 18!

We made it! One year open!

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Thanks to all you Boston-area sewists, here we are, one year on!  We opened, we stocked fabric and patterns, we added Baby Lock machines, we added lessons, we got a great new sign outside, and we got to know the neighborhood.  Thank you all so much!

Attention! New Hours at Mercer's!

Posted on July 10, 2016 by Natalie Mercer | 1 Comment

Hey all!

Just a quick note today to say that the hours at Mercer's are going to change for the rest of the summer. They may change in the fall, but for now, we are going to close on Sundays in order to hold classes without interruption. Distractions while sewing can yield less than stellar results! Hours will be 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays, and weekdays will now be noon to 7 PM. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these first few months. Happy sewing! 



Sewing Classes Now at Mercer's!

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Sewists -- and those who wish to be sewists -- of Boston!

Thank you for your patience these past two months, while we have been getting up and running. Many of you have shown interest in attending sewing classes, and so today I am VERY pleased to announce the beginning of sewing classes -- and studio time -- at Mercer’s Fabric!

Here are the main details:

Where: At Mercer’s Fabric of course! 121 Charles Street, Beacon Hill. Not far from 3 T stops. 

When: We will be starting with beginner classes (Sewing 101) on Tuesday evenings, 6:00 - 8:30 PM, and advanced beginner classes (Sewing 102) on Sundays, 2:00- 6:00 PM.  The first Tuesday class will be June 28th, and the first Sunday class July 17th. Sewing 101 will also be offered July 12th and July 26th. Right now those are the only four dates we have set, as we want to see how attendance and interest goes before finalizing a regular schedule. My hope is that eventually we will offer weekly classes!

Who: For now we will have small, intimate classes, limited to four people per session. EDIT!! We are starting the classes for students 18 years and older. Teens and kids classes will be introduced soon. In the meantime, if you are younger than 18 and want to learn to sew, just call or email the shop and we can set up something private, either as a group or one on one lesson. 

Your teacher will be Lauren, a superb seamstress who makes just about 100% of her clothing!  Check out her Instagram here and you will see for yourself!

What: Sewing 101 will be a 2.5-hour basic introduction to sewing. You’ll learn how to thread a machine, the essentials of fabric (grain, bias, etc.), French seams and topstitching. You’ll leave with a lovely handmade tote! Sewing 102 will be a slightly longer class (4 hours) where you will learn how to read simple patterns, take measurements, sew a curved stitch line, sew a bias-bound neckline, and sew a hem. You will leave with either a finished Willow Tank or Willow Dress — your choice!

How Much: Sewing 101 will be $35 per session and Sewing 102 will be $50 per session. Buy your class here! 

Other Stuff: Light refreshments will be provided. Machines and other supplies (scissors, chalk, irons, conversation, etc.) will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own machine if you want to learn on your own model. (It will help us if you bring the user’s manual should you choose to bring your own machine.) Upon purchasing a class, a supply list will be sent to you and you will be asked to buy your fabric and thread. You are welcome to buy these anywhere you like, but I’ll be here at Mercer’s to help you pick fabric if you are unsure of what to get, and you will also be offered a 10% discount on your purchase if you buy your fabric from Mercer’s. You can buy in advance or at the start of a class, although ideally you will buy in advance and prewash your fabric!

Studio Time: Finally, Mercer’s has 4 brand new Baby Lock sewing machines! (If you fall in love with one of them, we will sell it to you at a deep discount, since it will have been lightly used.)  If you have a project you are working on and need a machine, you are welcome to bring your project to Mercer’s and work on it in the shop. It will not be a class, but an open studio. You are welcome to ask basic questions or for opinions, but if you need more intensive instruction, you might want to sign up for a class. Eventually I will have slots that you can reserve through an online calendar. Until then, we’ll do it the old fashioned way: just call Mercer’s Fabric (617-338-4739) and reserve a time with me. Studio time will be $10/hour.

Private Lessons: We were not originally planning on offering these, but there has been some interest.  So, if you are unable to get here for a lesson but have a project you just have to get done, or a machine at your home gathering dust, that you’d like to put to use, please email or call me, and Lauren and we will arrange it!

Class Policies: Click here to read up on class policy, regarding registration and cancellation.

We are really looking forward to these lessons, not just because they are useful for learning how to sew (or sew better) – a skill you can keep for a lifetime – but because they are often wonderful social occasions.  In my experience friendships, as well as garments, are made in these small-group lessons!

PS: Yes, you can bring your doggie, if she or he promises not to bite any ankles!

I am looking forward to get these classes going and to meet some new faces! 



Survey Time! I need your input!

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Hello again sewists of Boston!

Mercer's Fabric has now been up and running for a whopping four weeks! A HUGE thank you to all of the lovely customers that have made it into the store (both in person and online!). It has been such a pleasure to meet such an enthusiastic and supportive group of people. I can't wait to meet more of you as we move forward. 

...Speaking of moving forward, I am happy to say that Mercer's Fabric will be carrying Baby Lock machines! In just a matter of weeks, 4 sewing machines and 1 serger will grace our little store on Charles Street. Yay! 

So, now that we have the machines, the next order of business is to start getting classes up and running. Many of you have asked about whether Mercer's will be offering classes or not, and the answer is DEFINITELY, YES! I have been tossing several ideas around in my head, but I realized that I needed to do just a bit more research into how exactly these classes should be organized. 

And this is where you come in! I graciously invite you to put your needles down for just a few minutes and complete this brief survey-- the results will help me, help you, after all! 

After seeing the results, I will have a better sense of how I can meet your needs. The great interest in classes has gotten me very excited about getting them going. Can't wait to make it happen! 

So take that survey, and hopefully the next you'll hear from me will be an announcement for classes starting up! 

Thank you for your participation, and cheers! 

- Natalie


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Hello sewists of Boston!

So moving day has come and gone, boxes were packed and unpacked, shelves were installed and stocked and now, FINALLY I can say we are just about ready to open. PHEW. And of course, hooray! Again, thank you for your patience, it is very much appreciated. 

Now onto that whole thing about picking an opening date. I’ve thought about what days to be open and what hours to keep, and in this regard, the shop will be in “beta mode” for a bit, so expect some tweaks here and there in the next few months. For starters, I will be open:

Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 12 PM to 4 PM

So on that note, opening day will be….

THIS upcoming Tuesday, March 8th!

So come on by! You’ve gone too long without adding to that ever-growing fabric stash of yours! Again, the new address is:

121 Charles Street, Unit 2
Boston, MA

Of course the grand opening of Mercer’s calls for a celebration. With the except of Mardi Gras, parties are rarely any good on Tuesdays, so the official grand opening soiree will be on Saturday the 12th, from 5 PM until, well, whenever! There will be beverages, sweets, and a CHEESE BOARD, guys. Which, if you are anything like me, a cheese board in a fabric store is just about one of the most beautiful things I can think of. (And yes, there will be cheese ON the board, not just the board…) 

So please stop by, if only for a moment. I am so excited to meet all of you, learn what gets your creative juices flowing, and get Mercer’s up and running. FINALLY.