Hello, sweet sewist!

Did you know that for all US purchases over $75, we'll ship your deelishis fabric (or notions or whatever) to you for free? Yay!

Here's a breakdown of our US shipping prices. We use The United States Postal Service and try to pack your stuff up ASAP!

$1.00 USD - $15.00 USD
$ 4.95 USD
$15.01 USD - $30.00 USD
$ 6.95 USD
$30.01 USD - $45.00 USD
$ 8.95 USD
$45.01 USD - $59.99 USD
$ 9.95 USD
$60.00 USD - $74.99 USD 
$ 11.95 USD 
$75.00 USD and up
$ 0.00 USD

Our rates are tiered by price since there isn't an easy way for us to predict the weight of each order, but we've found that they generally line up with USPS shipping rates. Rest assured that it is not our goal to (and we don't) make a profit on shipping.

We do ship to Canada and Internationally as well. You should be able to begin the checkout process as usual and if the screen doesn't list your country by the end, drop us a line and we'll try to add it!