Mercer's Fabric

Hello to all our friends -- but from someone different this time: Glenn Mercer, Natalie's father. Mercer's Fabric is now closed: as of this writing the physical space is being refurbished into a men's hair salon. And Natalie is soon off on her next Adventure in Fabric: a Master's Degree in fabric studies from Sapienza University in Rome. In a few weeks or so, after all the last bills are paid and accounts settled, we'll close down this website as well. But I wanted to take this last opportunity to say two things. First, thank you, so very much, to all our customers and friends! Without you we couldn't have made a go of this store. In the end it proved economically not viable. We had hoped that sewing one's clothing would be making a comeback, in the same way that other "legacy" crafts had, such as homebrewing beer, raising chickens in the back yard, or woodworking had -- but it was not to be. Nevertheless, the friends made and experiences shared, not only by Natalie but by myself and my wife Ida (when we staffed the shop in Natalie's absence) made it all worthwhile. Thank you. And finally, I cannot tell you how very proud Ida and I are of our daughter, who from the first day ran Mercer's Fabric professionally and lovingly, curating the collection, developing the vendors, and treating every customer with care and respect. It was an amazing achievement. And who knows -- with her degree in hand and her expertise further enhanced, she may return to the world of fabric retail. We will certainly keep you posted! And best wishes to all of you: may your machines never jam, your needles always thread, and your seams align! Addio.... Glenn, Ida, and of course -- Natalie